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Global high-tech exhibits gather at 2017 Chinaplas

The path of global economic recovery is arduous and difficult, and China is also facing the dilemma of decreasing population dividends, investment-driven decline, enhanced resource and environmental constraints, severe overcapacity, and weakened external demand. Efforts to rejuvenate the real economy have become one of the key areas for China to deepen structural reforms on the supply side. Strengthening technological innovation and enhancing core competitiveness can provide new momentum for the revitalization of the real economy and the transformation and development of enterprises.
CHINAPLAS 2017 is focused on the theme of “Green Plastics Innovation, Makes the Future Smart”. It sets the three directions of “Intelligent Manufacturing ž High-tech Materials 环保 Environmental Protection Technology”, and will focus on enhancing the technological content of the exhibits and the quality of visitors. The exhibition will present a large number of solutions for new materials, new equipment, and new technologies such as rubber, plastics, high-end, green, low-carbon, and light-weight industries. The exhibitor Qixiu will “hold home stunts” with full technology content and lead the industry. Grasp the opportunity to upgrade and transform and create a new era of science and technology.
    The environmental protection situation is grim and the green scheme is sought after
    Solvent-free zero VOCs-deposited flexo gravure press will debut
    When it comes to environmental pollution, perhaps the most personally felt thing is the haze. Under the dome, the city is under the turmoil. The environmental issue has become a topic that everyone cannot go around. With the intensive invasion of environmental protection policies in recent years, how does the manufacturing industry respond? CHINAPLAS 2017 has launched a variety of green solutions, such as biodegradable, recyclable green materials, high-efficiency and low-carbon production processes, light weight, and diversified functions. At the exhibition, a "recycling and recycling technology zone" was opened. Help relieve pressure on energy saving and environmental protection.
    The “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” proposes that total volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emission control be promoted in key regions and key industries, and the total emissions in China will fall by more than 10%. Seventeen provinces and municipalities directly under the central government have successively introduced the standards for the discharge of pollutants. The industry urgently needs to effectively manage VOCs processes and technologies. According to the latest news, the world's first solvent-free flexo gravure press will debut at 2017 Chinaplas. The equipment is newly developed by Zhongshan Sunde Printing Machinery and is suitable for packaging, food and beverages, daily chemical products, and medical supplies. It will help companies eliminate VOCs from the source. It is reported that the device uses a cold light source to cure color inks, does not contain organic solvents, and does not volatilize solvents. The product has no odor and VOCs residues are zero. Its color and ink consumption is 1/3 of that of ordinary inks, realizing true solvent-free printing in the field of gravure printing, replacing the conventional heating, drying, and drying methods of gravure printing such as electricity, gas and oil, saving energy and reducing consumption by 90%. The material length of the whole machine is reduced to 18m, saving the material length of 90%, which can greatly reduce the material loss.
    In addition, there are a variety of green solutions that are in close proximity to market demand. Zhangjiagang City Xinbei Machinery Co., Ltd. launched the steel wire strip tube shredder, which can be applied to the recovery of hard materials such as steel wire strip tubes, PE tubes, and nose materials. It also has its own magnetic separation system. After further improvement, the equipment can be applied to crushing and recycling of soft materials such as tons of tapes and films. The dual-rack inclined top machine of Kunsheng Mould parts will be debuted at 2017 China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition. Its stroke from 14mm to 52mm does not require complex high-precision oblique machining, saving a lot of time for processing and assembly. And cost, significantly reduce the top trip. Barrel demolding is easier and the mold structure is optimized for large angles and large slopes.
    High-performance materials lead innovative innovations
    The strong growth in global plastics consumption has benefited from the innovative applications of various plastics and continued to open up new market spaces. CHINAPLAS 2017 is about to introduce ultra-high-strength, spray-free, high-barrier, high-transparency, retort-resistant, UV-resistant, antibacterial, composite, and biodegradable materials to meet the needs of the downstream industries, such as automotive lightweight, electronic Lightweight, food safety, low-carbon construction, etc.
The speeding up of the process of lightening automobiles has attracted much attention. China has already determined that the average fuel consumption of passenger cars will be reduced to 5.0 litres/100 kilometers in 2020, and the task is arduous. "Made in China 2025" proposed "energy saving and new energy vehicles" as a key development area, and made lightweighting one of the key development directions for the automotive industry. Making full use of the advantages of light weight, flexible design, and high overall performance to promote lightweighting of automobiles has become an important development trend. Suzhou Runjia Engineering Plastic Co., Ltd. launched a lightweight material solution for automotive applications, including micro-foaming, thin-walled injection molding, low-density, flexible fiber reinforced structural materials, and other series of polypropylene, with advantages of light weight, excellent performance, low odor and low VOC. , providing excellent material solutions for automotive lightweighting.
Polyamide boosts decompression and adds plastic to make the car drive system more efficient. There are many types of compounded polyamide resins that can solve the problem of the increased use of turbochargers and more compact engines that cause the hood parts to withstand a lot of concentrated pressure. Solvay's Technyl REDx is an innovation representative in this area. Xinda Group will launch XDPPSTR-03LQ19005 innovative biomass lightweight material solutions for the automotive industry. This biomass filling material uses 10%-50% different content of straw-filled polypropylene, which not only can effectively reduce the carbon footprint in the production process, but also has a smaller density and simpler components than traditional petroleum-based products. Beam notched impact strength is higher, flexural strength and tensile strength are equivalent, and it shows more excellent fluidity and processing performance, significantly shortened the production cycle.

"Intelligent Equipment Zone" is a new presentation and embraces "Smart" to create the future
Technology is the source of economic and social progress. In the past two years, "smart manufacturing" has been particularly eye-catching. Smart equipment has become the main battlefield for technological innovation in all walks of life. Adhering to the macro industrial background and hot market development, the “Automation Technology Zone” made its debut at 2015 Chinaplas and won the industry's consistent high praise. With the gradual progress of the “China Made 2025” national development strategy and industrial policy, it has become a hot concern for many exhibitors and visitors on how to promote “smart manufacturing”, help the transformation and upgrading of the rubber and plastics industry, increase production efficiency, and improve product quality. Therefore, CHINAPLAS 2017 "Automation Technology Zone" will be officially renamed as "Smart Equipment Zone."
In addition to exhibiting manipulators, automation systems, controllers, drives, and sensors, the zone will also introduce the overall solution of the smart factory and consider additive manufacturing (3D printing) as a major feature, setting up a “3D technology zone” to demonstrate Including 3D printers, 3D scanners, 3D printing software, 3D printing services.
The upcoming smart equipment and 3D printing exhibits at 2017 Chinaplas include:
Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery will display intelligent factories at the exhibition, supporting smart robots for printing equipment, automatic cutting/automatic roll-up and down, intelligent management, and can achieve high-efficiency, energy-saving, intelligent production and environmental protection. Guangdong Topstar Technology introduces six-axis industrial robots. 3C industry small load robot application expert, compact and stable robot body, world leading EtherCAT bus control technology, high speed, high precision. Wenzhou Haihang Machinery's paper towel cutlery automatic packaging machine, paper towel automatic folding, cutting, cutting, knife and fork scoop feeder salt package pepper feeder automatically feed. The products are then packaged together to achieve increased efficiency, reduced labor, and reduced scrap rates.
In addition to robots, control systems are also a hot area for smart manufacturing. The injection molding machine control system takes the controller as the control core, and can realize the function of long-distance network monitoring, remote production management, remote integrated management, report analysis and other functions of the injection molding machine; and the Zhejiang Zhiqiang smart factory system is a set of wisdom that serves the field of injection molding. The overall solution of the factory is dedicated to improving the data of management benefits, linking the production management system, and realizing the intelligent management of the enterprise and intelligent decision-making. Zhejiang Keqiang will launch injection molding machine control systems and smart factory systems, widely used in home appliances, automobiles, medical, 3C, daily use and other industries. Changxin Technology will display the "AR Series" high-efficiency industrial process controllers at the 2017 China International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition. It is a distributed processing system that combines advanced precision, simplicity and practicality. It can use high-speed network contact editing programs and remote control. The module uses 3 or more high-speed 32-bit CPUs (266 MHz) as the main program operation. This development can be widely used in injection/extrusion/die-casting machines to demonstrate the advantages of future one-stop control. Kunda Mold introduced an in-mold on-line quality sensing system to enable real-time sensing and detection of the key quality and efficiency of the injection section, hold pressure section, and cooling section in the molding process, thereby improving the qualification rate of products and significantly reducing the defective rate. Achieve efficient injection molding. For 3D printing, Dongguan Kangming Optoelectronics Technology will display metal 3D printing, 3D printing for photo-curing, and biological 3D printing. The shapeless waterway has the advantages of shortening the production cycle, lowering production costs, improving product deformation, and improving product quality.

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